GOST Apparition Unlimited Text Alert Notification


Simple plan for the GOST Apparition's on-board communicator for Unlimited push alert, app connectivity, and text messaging

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GOST Internet Data Plan


High Speed Data Plan for use in GOST Octo Deuce 4G/LTE Router (or similar) to work with the GOST Watch HD Video System, push notifications, and app connectivity for GOST Apparition (via ethernet), and internet via Wifi/ethernet.  Available in either 6GB or 14GB unlimited plans (1 Sim Solution). 

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Dual SIM Internet Data and Basic Text Plan


A combined contract of the two plans outlined above for simplification and redundancy. 

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GOST® Phantom



2G GSM/GPRS SIM Card for Voice Calls out and Text Message Reporting from Phantom Security & Monitoring System or inside GOST® NT-Evolution 2.0 System.  

Please Note that 2G is only supported in continental USA by T-Mobile until 2020

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GOST Authorized Dealer Only


Enrollment Form, for Dealers only. 

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