Data Services for Ipads, Tablets, Mifis and USBs

For many of us, being connected is no longer a luxury but a necessity.  The complexity of our lives has blurred the boundaries between work and play.  For many of us, internet access is essential in both areas.  Whether it's responding to an email, or simply checking a movie schedule, we need our internet access and we need it to move with us and go where we go.  The big issue for most of us, however, is the cost.  Just because we can stream video while being mobile does not mean we have to-and most of us don't need to.  We believe most high bandwidth applications use mobile data because people think, "Hey, I'm paying for it.  I might as well use it!"  In comparison, at NetOnTheRun we believe everyone should be able to determine for themselves how much mobile internet they need, and therefore use.  Why pay for a super extra large drink when all you need is  sip to keep you going? Let the gluttony of mobile internet end today.  Try NetOnTheRun and only pay for the mobile broadband you actually use.  

NetOnTheRun: the way mobile broadband should  be.  

Business Backup Connection

With business connectivity a necessity of everyday operations, it's now more important than ever to keep mission critical applications securely connected.  Traditionally, companies establish additional phone lines or DSL lines to try and build in additional redundancies to keep operations functional.  The problem with this solution is that often these lines share the same phone company connection and thus don't offer a completely independent network connection.  NetOnTheRun Connection Backup completely circumvents "last mile" online access and protects against downtime by utilizing some of the largest and most reliable broadband wireless networks in the United States.  Our solution enables automatic failover.  Data Is simply rerouted over the wireless broadband network, and then restored to the primary network after the connection is reinstated. 

Machine to Machine (M2M) Services

As we look at ways for machines to run more efficiently with limited "hands on" intervention, M2M connectivity is a necessity. In many ways, it is the bridge that brings mechanical devices into the current "cloud" culture.  Our connectivity service can enable a small team to manage a network of 100s or even 1000s of machines positioned all over the United States from a single NOC (Network Operation Center).  The efficiencies and savings are truly incredible.